McKinney Bass Club is open to all individuals interested in fishing whether they are experienced or experiencing the great sport of fishing for the first time.



Meetings are held the Monday proceeding the tournament weekend. Meetings begin at 7pm.

Meetings are held at:
Delaney's Irish Pub
6150 W Eldorado Pkwy, Ste 120
McKinney, Tx 75070

Tournaments will be held on the weekend following the fourth Friday of every month starting in January and ending in October with Ken Novak Memorial Classic Tournament to be held in November.

Membership Requirements:

Membership and Tournament fees:

  • Must be introduced by a member or officer at a monthly club meeting
  • Membership Application Completed and Signed
  • Tournament Waiver Completed and Signed
  • Club membership is $30 per year
  • Tournament fees are $80 per boat

New Member Forms

MBC By-Laws & Tournament Rules

Contact Information

Please contact or fill out the form below with any questions regarding the club and to find out more information about joining the McKinney Bass Club.

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President:  Skip Winans
Vice President:  Paul Winans

Tournament Director: 
David Burton

Tim Dodson

Jim Burkle

Web Master:  Bryan Morris

Club Affiliated with the TBF:



For an average of $200.00* total “Dues & Entry Fees”
It does not get any less expensive than that! TBF members do it very year.

Every dollar counts right now in our uncertain economy, people are watching their pennies closely, but to the savvy angler there are some GREAT deals right now. Great deals on Ranger Boats, and great deals on low cost or NO COST fishing tournaments. It could also explain the growth in TBF membership over the last year by “those in the know.” TBF events are close to home and the opportunities and the money just keeps getting bigger and bigger! So now is the time to join up and start fishing! On a national average, (it varies by state). TBF is the “best kept secret” in fishing circles. An average TBF member has always paid LESS THAN $200.00* per person in a years time in total dues and tournament entry fees to possibly fish all the way to the $2 Million Dollar Forrest Wood Cup! Here how to do it!Join or start a TBF affiliated club, our clubs are grassroots anglers just like YOU! As stated above, on a national average, your club dues, TBF national dues, FLW Outdoors gold membership and state tournament entry fees average $200.00* per year. (* national average of all states….varies by state)

•Join and fish your state events, close to home, qualify for your states 12 person state team … ADVANCE!

•To the NO ENTRY FEE, TBF Divisional Championship Series. Held in your home division to keep travel costs down, cash payouts and every state team gets a check….Top two anglers from each state ADVANCE! (1 out of every 6 advance)

•To the NO ENTRY FEE, TBF Federation National Championship, presented by the National Guard, with a payout of nearly a quarter of a million dollars in cash and prizes…..Top 2 anglers from each division ADVANCE! 14 TBF advance in 2010 with the new northwestern division. (approx. 1 in 7 advance)

1 TBF Angler LIVING THE DREAM! $100,000 package and/or $1 Million Walmart BFL All-American and/or $2 Million Forrest Wood Cup Championship!

Find out more information here:  TBF

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